~Pastor Clyde~
The Handcuff Key

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Pastor Clyde


For over twenty years Pastor Clyde has been performing illusions and escapes on stages and pulpits alike.  An ordained minister within the Presbyterian Church USA, Clyde was finding that his escapes were the most memorable for his audiences. 

 This fact has moved Clyde more toward escapes with some of his most daring being his most recent.  Recent escapes have included underwater and suspended escapes as well as a jail break. 

 Pastor Clyde is presently negotiating a roller coaster escape with a large New York theme park and he has begun utilizing his past addictions counseling and his Ph.D. by developing and offering school assemblies on “Escaping Drugs” and “Bullying.”

Clyde’s advancement of his own escapes has resulted in original inventions that he makes and produces through his company, Mighells Illusions. These products include escapes, handcuffs and locks with varying abilities.

One of Clyde’s most exciting projects to date is his involvement in W.E.A.R., the worldwide escape artist’s relay coming up on October 29 when escapists from around the world will unite in a single effort that will encircle the globe.