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~Carnegie & Company~

Master Escape Artist, Magician and gentleman, Carnegie has been a performer for most of his life.  Safe to say the man lives his art.

After watching the movie biography of Houdini starring Tony Curtis and seeing a recreation of Houdini’s most famous escape, Dean Carnegie knew his destiny was in the world of illusion.

Days after watching the Houdini movie, Dean put on his first show. Interesting because he knew nothing about magic. For the conclusion of his show escaped from an old trunk after being tied with ropes and chained up with a bicycle lock, he was ten years old.

Shortly after this event, he and his family moved to the country.  Living on a farm with no neighbors gave much time for the study and practice of magic.  His earliest effects continued to be escape routines. His next routine, an escape from 100 ft of rope while locked inside a wooden trunk.  In the years to come, Carnegie would add to his repertoire by successfully freeing himself from: a Postal Service Mail Bag, regulation police issue handcuffs while underwater, a packing crate, a straightjacket, and hundreds of feet of chains and locks.

His hobbies reflect his great passion for the arts.  Dean is an artist and painter and has created several unique portraits of conjurings most famous performers.  He is also an avid collector of antique handcuffs as well as vintage magic posters.

Dean is a graduate of the Chavez College of Magic, a school that teaches the art of stage manipulation  magic.  He is also an accomplished sleight of hand artist and an award-winning performer.  His diverse magical abilities allow him to work in many different venues including the corporate market, fairs and  festivals, and television.

In Carnegie’s current show he demonstrates his ability in escapology by liberating himself from such things as a Steel Straightjacket, a cloth sack, and many other devices. He also presents the Challenge Rope Tie, personally taught to him by the great escape artist Steve Baker, also known as Mr. Escape.

Original effects, mysterious routines, and comedic presentations are the ingredients that Carnegie uses to cast a spell of wonder over his audiences.  As an artist of mystery he loves to escape reality and open the doors of the imagination for his audiences.



Carnegie in the classic handcuff pose


10 feet of rope around his wrists is childs play...Carnegie, seconds before he escapes !