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From 1967 till the early 1990's Steve "Mr.Escape" Baker was the premier escape artist in the world. He travelled the globe astounding audiences with his amazing and often dangerous feats of escape.

During his career Steve appeared on TV many many times. He chalked up 32 hours worth of television footage, including appearances on Dick Clark's LIVE Wedneday, That's Incredible, Games People Play, his own HBO special, hosted by Tony Curtis and his own hour long specials in Japan, South America and Mexico. Steve semi- retired in the 90's from performing after a long and fabulous career.

Now in the 21st Century Steve Baker returns with a vengeance !!!




It's my extreme pleasure to add Steve Baker to our website, Steve is a class act.



Only Steve Baker has the "brass" to be chained to the side of a car with yards of tow chain and locked  with a half dozen padlocks and attempt an escape as a second vehicle speeds toward him at 60 MPH , and he did  it all on national television !



Steve Baker, "Mr.Escape", continues into the 21st. century with his own, very unique brand of Escapology.  His mind for escape, is like a steel trap and the man more than likely would have given Houdini and good run for his money, if he would have lived in those times.

Paving the way for many, many, Escape Artist's today, Steve has set the very high standard for his and our beloved art.